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Celebsum.in – a platform, where you can find the most recent and popular Social Media Posts of your favorite celebrities, singers, politicians, sports person, music and television.

Entertainment industry is one of the most trending industry in India especially on social media platforms. Celebsum.in is an aggregation site that collects the data from facebook, twitter, tumblr, youtube and instagram about what is happening with your favorite celebrity and shows - All on a single platform.

Celebsum provides the most relevant data by moderating all the content by selecting certain hashtags, keywords, handles, pages, blogs and channels. Our specialists work tirelessly to provide the most up to date and revelant content to our hardcore and casual fans.

You can simply sign up with celebsum.in where it provides you with various options like sign-up via your email ID, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Tumblr. You can add the celebrities that you would like to follow as Favorites so that you can view their latest posts in - My pages. Once you are signed in, you can Like/ dislike / comment or discuss posts with other fans.

You can view most popular posts from Facebook, Instagram, twitter tumblr and you tube. Whether it is about an actor, a cricketer or politician, each of them updates on their social profiles about a teaser of an upcoming movie or television serial or any kind of campaign.

You can also send us a request your favorite celebrity, in case if have missed. Please take a look at our site and let us know what you think. You can email us at admin@celebsum.in. We appreciate your feedback

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